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New Year, New Digs

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Parlor Decor Goals

I know this is a little late to the game, but Happy New Year! Welcome to 2017. 

First off I'd like to say, to all the haters of 2016: Piss Off. 

There. Now that that's out of the way, we can move boldly forward with our pants down. Well, assuming you're reading this at home. If not, pull your pants up immediately! 

Coincidentally, my lawyer has just informed me that I need to tell you that I do not (not) condone or encourage public nudity. And that any opinions expressed here are solely my own, and that you should use your own brain in these matters, as it is probably a lot more sound than mine. (The big brain that is...not the little one)

So, back to my original point: Pants are optional...Hehe. I mean, it's a new year! There have been a lot of exciting changes recently. The most exciting one being that I just moved. I didn't move anywhere interesting mind you. I moved 2 miles away from my last place, but I moved into a bigger space, which is nice in some ways. It's not so nice in other ways, but that's a different topic for another post. 

Since I'm itching to make my place feel like it reflects me, I've been thinking a lot about decorating and paint selection in particular this week. I have to pick about 7 different paint colors by next week, and I've got just about every fan book and paint swatch I could get my hands on. I'm obsessed with color! Can't I just paint every room a rainbow? Or maybe something like this: 

That way I don't have to pick one color, and I'll get to recycle the paint swatches. Or perhaps, if I had any skill at painting, or 2D art in general, I'd attempt something like this:

Yep. All done with paint swatches! 

Well, I've officially driven right past the point of this post, and now that I realize I've missed it, I'm going to do a three point turn in the middle of the street to get back to it. I wanted to share that I've moved (Yay!) and that my mind has been swimming with home decoration inspo (of the G and NC-17 rated variety), and I wanted to share some of that inspiration with you.

Here's the real point (so get your cameras ready): I'm a bit peeved that my 100+ year old space does not have a parlor in it.

It's a lovely space in so many ways, but There. Is. No. Parlor. I love tea, you see. And I think the ideal space in which to drink tea would be a parlor. So, until I have a gorgeous parlor to drink tea in, I'll just have to be satisfied with a mood board. (See picture at the beginning of the post). It all makes sense now, right? Haha! 

Ta ta darlings. 

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