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Marie Kondo Obsession + 17 Dark and Edgy Storage Solutions

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Have I hopelessly hopped onto the Tidying Up with Marie Kondo bandwagon? Yes. Am I ashamed about it? Never! I will die on the Marie Kondo cross because I have actually been a huge fan since I read her book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up two years ago. It had a drastic, but regrettably short-lived influence on me at the time. Oh how I wanted to get Tidy! But #excuses. Life got in the way, and I’ll say I honestly wasn’t in the right place mentally to be tidy. I was too attached to my things. Oh how that has changed.

Now don’t let that affirmation fool you into thinking that I’m some freshly converted paragon of tidiness. Not at all. I still have #alltheclutter but I’m mentally ready to let that go. I even made a plan to systematically purge my house of all unnecessary sh#t this year. I want to stop doing it half-assed and go full bore and feel that feeling that supposedly happens when the tidying is done! Whaaaat? What’s that like? I’ve never felt it. I’ve only heard about it in myths, and legends, and books by impossibly cute Japanese ladies. I want to get off the hamster wheel of endless tidying! I feel like it’s never done because I haven’t actually done it the Konmari way. I haven’t tipped everything out onto the floor and touched every object to see if it sparks joy, and then said “thanks and goodbye” to all the joyless crap that has piled up around me. I have been in a shit pit of stuff with seemingly no way out.

And then I saw that Marie Kondo was putting her life changing magic on Netflix for all to see. Squee! I have only watched one episode, but that resulted in several trips to the consignment store, thrift store, and more than a few listings on Facebook Marketplace this week. Seeing her magic work on real live people was wayyy more inspiring and action-inducing than just reading about it. Amiright? I can’t wait to watch more. I’ve already started to visualize how tidy I want my spaces to be.

I’ve always been a nut for organization solutions as well. The Container Store may well be one of my favorite places on earth. I think confidentially, that that may be one of the symptoms of too-much-clutter: buying storage solution after storage solution to contain all the crap. But let’s face it. If I was truly living the tidy dream, I wouldn't need all the extra storage. Existing closets and furniture would be enough. I mean you need some things to store and organize your stuff. Anyway. I’ve gotten off track.

The point is: Marie Kondo is amazing. And if you’re on the decluttering train, you’re going to need some organization solutions. But what to do if the Container Store isn’t really your style? Perhaps you have a unique sense of style and you march to the beat of your own drum...Perhaps containers with white lids, regardless of how well designed, are not fitting in to your #allblackeverything aesthetic? Well, I rounded up some edgy and alternative storage and organization solutions for the goth, punk, alternative at heart because we all deserve to have a little reward for the hard work of tidying! (P.S. Clicking the pictures should take you to the links to projects and products)

1. The obligatory iron pipe project. Check it out here:

2. A really fun clothing rack roundup

3. The black minimalist’s dream clothing solution

Seriously, Who’s wardrobe is that, and can we become friends??? So Jelly. But look at the storage’s baker’s rack shelving! Who hasn’t used some of that? I think I have a few extra ones in my be purged, so maybe I could make them into a fun unit like this.

4. This simple, yet dark, DIY makeup brush holder. Just get a glass vase from a craft store and fill with black crystal from Ikea. Score!

5. This too-cool-for-school skull makeup brush holder

6. Possibly the most goth kitchen storage I’ve ever seen. Wouldn’t you agree?

7. This Coffin storage unit

8. This vintage black file box (One of a kind)

9. This Etsy seller has a bunch of vintage bins and boxes

10. These washable eco-friendly paper storage bags in black add a minimalist yet edgy vibe to any room.

11. These fun felt storage bins (that come in black)

12. Also this felt hamper with black handles

Plain black not your thing? Try these patterns:

13. Striped storage baskets

14. Or a leopard print bin THAT HAS WHEELS

15. This coffin shelf that has OUIJA BOARD PRINT on it!!


16. This black ombre bin

17. And this bath shelf for when you’re so tired from organizing that you need a hot salt bath


Tell me which one of these is your fav in the comments! 

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  • Thanks for the inspo and great options for the not frilly, no flowers kinda gal! Adding Marie Kondo to my Netflix list!

    Helen on
  • Yes! I read both of the Marie Kondo books but I could never fully commit. Maybe now is the time? Love your picks for storage!

    Jenna on
  • I never felt better than when we renovated our house and got rid of almost everything. We kept the furniture, artwork, books, music albums that we love then purged the rest. We now live a minimalist lifestyle and I love it!!!

    Jeanette Walker on
  • AH! DEFINITELY the bath shelf! Especially if I can get that claw foot tub to go with it! Great list round up! I’m a Konmari believer!!!

    Melissa Camilleri on

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