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The Lost Engagement Ring

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Part of what I love most about the custom design process is creating a piece in collaboration with a customer that has a lot of heart and meaning behind it. The emotion behind a piece is what makes jewelry so special. That is why I get joy out of creating something that I know a customer will wear often because of the connection they feel to it. 

The emotions behind this skull engagement ring were big from the start. Mely contacted me during a promotion I was running on stone combinations for three stone rings. Once we started talking it was clear that she was looking for a full custom project for an engagement ring because she had lost hers. I immediately empathized with her because my engagement ring was stolen before my wedding. It’s an awful feeling to lose one of the most important pieces of jewelry you’ll ever own. There’s a weight to that. So I knew, hearing that, that I wanted to go above and beyond for her ring.

She sent me an inspiration picture, and gave me some details about what stone she wanted, the style of ring she was looking for (chunky and geometric with skulls!) and I set to work designing. Part way through the process I started to wonder if she was planning on wearing a wedding band with her engagement ring, and after a little back and forth with Mely, I now had an opportunity to add more skulls! She wanted a wedding band attached to the ring to give it a stacked appearance, with lots of little skulls. 


Her inspiration pic


The rendering of her custom ring


With my finished model ready, I showed her a rendering, and she absolutely loved it. Like really, really loved it. When I sent a picture of the finished ring before shipping it off to her she said,

“Yes!!! I’m crying omg it’s beautiful. I can’t wait to see it and you are an amazing beautiful artist. I can’t express in really understood my heart.”

Well my heart just about burst. I was walking around on cloud nine for days. 

When she received the ring I got more lovely messages of appreciation, and a voice message with tears of joy. I may have cried a little listening to it. When you put your heart and skill into a piece and it gives the recipient that much joy, it’s the best feeling you can have as an artist. 

Here is Mely's finished ring

If you are interested in getting a piece of jewelry custom made, check out the custom design section here to get more info. 

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