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Emira Between-Finger Ring Steel
Emira Between-Finger Ring Steel
$ 75.00

Emira Between-Finger Ring Steel

Three Domes. Two Fingers. The open domes resting near your knuckles are an elegant and intriguing accessory, but they look dangerous enough to do some damage if you swung a fist! It's a perfect combination of girly and gritty, and all around badass. 

It's so comfortable that you can wear it all day, and it's cool enough to add punch to any evening look. An unusual piece that adds interest without being too much. 

This ring is part of the Emira Collection, which infuses modern shapes with old world details for an eclectic feel. Emira is the feminine form of Emir, which is Arabic for commander. These finely detailed pieces are designed to make you feel like a queen, to give you an air of authority and a confidence in your body. Challenge the status quo by feeling beautiful in your body! 

 Materials and Sizing:

Material: 3D printed steel

Sizing: Available in Small, Medium, and Large. The ring has two ring sizes to fit on two fingers. All sizes are in US ring sizes. 

Small fits fingers approximately sizes 5 and 7 

Medium fits fingers approximately sizes 6 and and 8

Large fits fingers approximately sizes 7 and 9

Steel is not adjustable due to it's hardness. The 3D printed steel runs a little small due to the shrinkage inherent in the process. 

Size medium is available IN STOCK. Other sizes will take 3 weeks to ship.