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Garnets - Combo 103
$ 150.00

Garnets - Combo 103

These three juicy pinkish red rhodolite garnets would look regal in a polished bronze or gold setting, and dark and otherworldly in an oxidized silver setting. Could be set horizontally, as shown, or vertically. (If you want them set vertically, please add that to the notes in your order, or contact me). 

Starting at $45 for just the stones (you can use them for whatever you want) or $150 for a finished ring in bronze or silver. Let me know if you want polished or oxidized silver. The other picture gives some examples of three stone rings for reference. 

Metaphysical meanings:

Garnets have been used as protective amulets and talismans for centuries, even being worn on the breastplates of priests and warriors into battle. Garnets are wonderful grounding stones, and have the ability to purge negative energy from the chakras, and these deep red garnets can help align the base chakra. 

This stone combination has strong geometric indications. The points on the stones form a cardinal compass, indicating the four cardinal directions, and the four elements of nature. 

Stone Details: 

Center Stone: Marquise Rhodolite Garnet Cabochon 10 mm x 5 mm

Side Stones: Trillion Rhodolite Garnet Cabochons 5 mm