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Opal & Moonstone - Combo 105
Opal & Moonstone - Combo 105
Opal & Moonstone - Combo 105
$ 165.00

Opal & Moonstone - Combo 105

A stone combination fit for a spiritual goddess, creature of the light, or fae. A stunning white synthetic opal dazzles with a scintillating play of color that is picked up in the subtle glow of the moonstones. If you love everything light, glittery, or pastel, this is the combination for you. 

Starting at $55 for just the stones (you can use them for whatever you want) or $165 for a finished ring in bronze or silver. Let me know if you want polished or oxidized silver. There is another setting I designed that I'm calling a "fancy silver setting". It has a few extra flourishes including some little skulls on the sides. Available for $185. The other picture gives some examples of three stone rings for reference. 

Metaphysical meanings:

Moonstone has long been known as the traveler's stone, thought to be a protective talisman for people traveling, especially at night. It is also known as the lover's stone, stimulating kundalini energy and sexual desire. It is good for stimulating the crown chakra and assisting in things like lucid dreaming and higher forms of spiritual enlightenment. 

Since the opal is man made, it doesn't have any intrinsic healing properties. 


Stone Details: 

Center Stone: Synthetic White Opal Cabochon 10 mm x 8 mm

Side Stones: Faceted Moonstones 6 mm x 4 mm