Futuristic Jewelry with a medieval soul for the modern warrior
Emira Between-Finger Ring Bronze
Emira Between-Finger Ring Bronze
$ 185.00

Emira Between-Finger Ring Bronze

Coolest. Ring. Ever. This is the epitome of everyday edgy. The floating domes look beautiful, elegant, and a little dangerous all at once.

It's been meticulously designed so that it's comfortable enough to wear all day, whether you're grabbing a mic, a paintbrush, or a mouse. It will make others take notice and let them know you're a fashion force to be reckoned with. It also looks like it could do some damage if you decided to use your power for evil instead of good. But your secret is safe with me...

This ring is part of the Emira Collection, which infuses futuristic shapes with old world details for an eclectic feel. The collection was inspired by the famed commander of the Ravatanian army of the same name. Emira's legendary military prowess and uncanny skill as a tactician earned her near-mythic status in Ravatan. She made her mark in the long line of female commanders, but the work took its toll on her psyche. She paid a price for fulfilling her duty, now can she manage to lead a fulfilling life? Emira's story is coming soon in the Falkora Chronicles!

Materials and Sizing:

Material: Cast Bronze

Sizing: Available in Small, Medium, and Large. The ring has two ring sizes to fit on two fingers. All sizes are in US ring sizes. 

Small fits fingers approximately sizes 5 and 7 

Medium fits fingers approximately sizes 6 and and 8

Large fits fingers approximately sizes 7 and 9

Bronze is slightly adjustable, and runs true to size. 

Size medium is available IN STOCK. Other sizes will take 3 weeks to ship.