Futuristic Jewelry with a medieval soul for the modern warrior
Emira Bypass Ring
$ 50.00

Emira Bypass Ring

Two domes vying for attention on your finger. Perhaps they are orbiting bodies in space, or spires in neighboring countries, either way, they will work together to get you looking effortlessly stylish and confident!

Available materials: bronze and 3D printed steel

Available sizes: 6,7,8. Size 8 is IN STOCK. All other sizes will ship in 2 weeks. If you are between sizes, order up in 3D printed steel, or up in bronze. 

This ring is part of the Emira Collection, which infuses modern shapes with old world details for an eclectic feel. Emira is the feminine form of Emir, which is Arabic for commander. These finely detailed pieces are designed to make you feel like a queen, to give you an air of authority and a confidence in your body. Challenge the status quo by feeling beautiful in your body! 

Customization Available! If you want to order another size, or another material, I'd be happy to help! Just message me through the Contact Page.