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Emira Pyramid Drop Earrings Steel
Emira Pyramid Drop Earrings Steel
$ 100.00

Emira Pyramid Drop Earrings Steel

To be worn when you need to inspire unquestioning loyalty among your followers, or confidently determine your next course of action just as Commander Emira would. Architectural, three-dimensional drops with a unique beaded texture. The unusual use of open space draws attention from any angle. 

Who is Emira? As commander of the Ravitanian army, she is a leader with strength and honor. Her skill and courage are legendary, and yet, she is humble about her accomplishments. She strikes a rare balance, and inspires deep love and respect from her people. Sometimes people aren't always what they seem though, and Emira fears that everyone would change their mind if they knew who she really was. 

 Materials and Dimensions:

Drops are 1 inch in length, not including ear wires. 

Materials: 3D printed steel drops come with gunmetal plated ear wires.