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Emira Teardrop Cuff Bronze
Emira Teardrop Cuff Bronze
$ 160.00

Emira Teardrop Cuff Bronze

The beautiful open teardrop shape, a signature of the Emira collection, is the centerpiece of this embellished cuff bracelet. The beaded pyramids give the piece an appealing texture. This bracelet is equally at home at the office, on a night out, or at a music show. 

Unstoppable. Confident. Legendary. 

The Emira Collection is about doing what needs done with the confidence of someone who can't fail. What if everything you touched turned to gold? What if everything you attempted became a success? What if you had that unnamable quality that always put you in the right place at the right time?

What if you already do, but you just need to believe it's true.

Materials and Sizing

Material: cast bronze

Small fits a 6 inch wrist

Medium fits a 7 inch wrist

Large fits a 7.5 inch wrist

Size Medium available