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Emira Teardrop Earrings Steel
$ 160.00

Emira Teardrop Earrings Steel

Do you like to toe the line between standing out and fitting in? If you push the boundaries of acceptable fashion, or even sometime just break the boundaries of acceptable altogether, then these earrings will become your daily companions in the fight against hum drum accessories.  These bold black drops will get you noticed for all the right reasons.

These earrings are part of the Emira Collection, which infuses modern shapes with old world details for an eclectic feel. Emira is the feminine form of Emir, which is Arabic for commander. When you put on a piece from the Emira Collection, you are channeling the energy and spirit of a woman who leads thousands. Her expertise is legend and her authority is never questioned.

Materials and Dimensions:

Drops are 1 inch in length, not including ear wires. 

Materials: 3D printed steel drops on gunmetal earwires