Jewelry for the empowered
$ 50.00

Emira Trio Dome Ring -- Gold Steel

The open shapes and beaded texture re signature elements of the Emira collection. Raised, airy domes are reminiscent of seeing beautiful church spires in the distance. 

This necklace is part of the Emira Collection, which infuses modern shapes with old world details for an eclectic feel. Emira is the feminine form of Emir, which is Arabic for commander. When you put on a piece from the Emira Collection, you are channeling the energy and spirit of a woman who leads thousands. Her expertise is legend and her authority is never questioned.

Falkora Jewelry pieces are well designed, easy to wear and give you edge with a hint of sophistication.

Materials and Sizing:

Material: Gold plated 3D printed steel 

Available in US Sizes: 5 and 7.25