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Fancy Bridal Tunnels
Fancy Bridal Tunnels
Fancy Bridal Tunnels
Fancy Bridal Tunnels
$ 130.00

Fancy Bridal Tunnels

Beautiful solid silver tunnels with a dainty milgrain detail and delicately swooping triple loops. These are special enough for the most formal occasions, including weddings or prom, but understated enough that you could wear them with jeans. The look will depend on which dangles you choose to pair with them. PLEASE NOTE THAT DANGLES ARE NOT INCLUDED.

The idea for these tunnels came to me while I was deciding what to wear for my own wedding, nine years ago. I wanted tunnels with dangles, but I couldn't find anything delicate and feminine. So, I decided to create my own tunnels with detachable, interchangeable dangles.

These are also ideal for camouflaging your stretched lobes, if you are in a bridal party, or at an event with a more conservative crowd. I wear these nearly every day, and they are so discreet, people just think I'm wearing regular earrings. The model in the picture is wearing size 5/8".

------------ Sizes/Materials -------------

They are available in 00g thru 1". Larger sizes can be custom made, just send me a message. SIZES 7/16" AND BELOW will have a single loop with milgrain.

These are cast in true deox silver, which has a higher silver content than traditional sterling alloys, is made from recycled silver, and is more tarnish resistant. Your order will come with a free polishing cloth, to maintain the optimal luster. They contain NO NICKEL, so they are hypoallergenic. However, silver is not recommended for stretching, or for unhealed lobes.

I have silver tunnels in stock, but message me to make sure that I have your size! If not, it can be made in about 2 weeks. Stainless Steel and Brass are also available for the same price. 

Slight surface imperfections are part of the lost wax casting process and to be expected.

------------ Dangles ------------

DANGLES ARE NOT INCLUDED. They are sold separately.