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Orchid Necklace - Opal
$ 225.00

Orchid Necklace - Opal

Phalaenopsis orchids are, in my opinion, one of the most elegant and refined blooms in the flower world. I wanted to combine the elegance of the orchid shape with the swirling lines of Art Nouveau. 

The Art Nouveau style was a design aesthetic popular in the US and Europe from 1890-1910 that can be seen in art, architecture, and craft of the time. Flowing lines, and natural themes were popular elements in AN design. Artists and craftspeople were trying to break away from old ways of doing things, and so the "modern" or "new" aesthetic took hold, and paved the way for the very popular art deco style.  The feelings of playfulness, whimsy, and wanting to pioneer new ways of being are what draws me to the AN aesthetic, and what I hope to capture with these pieces. 


Materials and Dimensions:

Sterling silver with 8 x 10 mm natural opal cabochon.

31 mm (1.2 inches) wide x 26 mm (1 inch) tall. 

Sterling silver chain is adjustable at 16" and 18"