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Plug and Play Tunnel  -- Plain Loop
Plug and Play Tunnel  -- Plain Loop
Plug and Play Tunnel  -- Plain Loop
Plug and Play Tunnel  -- Plain Loop
$ 90.00

Plug and Play Tunnel -- Plain Loop

These gorgeous, high quality tunnels are made of a high grade silver alloy using the lost wax casting process. The silver alloy is tarnish resistant, and 100% recycled silver. They are also available in Stainless Steel or Brass for the same price. Please allow 2 weeks for production on those materials.

The simple, clean lines and clever loop make this tunnel the perfect subtle backdrop for a wide variety of dangles to stand out and complement your look. They are designed to be worn with detachable, interchangeable dangles. Pair these with any of the dangles in my store, or send in a special pair of earrings and I will fit them to the tunnels, or make your own. PLEASE NOTE THAT DANGLES ARE NOT INCLUDED.

Your style is no longer confined by the look of traditional plugs and tunnels. Have a special event or wedding to attend? Need to look more professional? Simply tired of the same old gauged jewelry? These tunnels have been designed to give you more options to dress your lobes up or down, depending on the situation, or whenever the mood strikes you.

---------------- Important --------------------

DANGLES ARE NOT INCLUDED in this listing. They are sold separately.

Every effort has been made to achieve a mirror finish, however, surface imperfections are an inherent part of the lost wax casting process. These tunnels should not be used to stretch your ears, nor should they be worn in unhealed (freshly stretched) lobes.

My stock on these varies, so please message me to find out if I have your size in stock.