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Priestess Necklace No. 7
$ 75.00

Priestess Necklace No. 7

Necklace No. 7 

About the Priestess Collection:

Strength. Courage. Conviction. The priestess collection is about being steadfast in your convictions, despite criticism. It’s about having an inner strength that lets you weather the storms of life because you have clarity of vision and faith in yourself. It’s about loving yourself enough to let go of other people’s opinions, and letting your light shine brightly. The rays of light featured in every piece are a reminder of that inner light. Don’t let anyone dim it.

Materials and Sizing:

Oxidized 3D printed steel and an 8 mm by 10 mm dichroic glass cabochon. 

Pendant is approx 1.5 inches wide by 3.5 inches tall

Silver plated chain is approx 30 inches long