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Priestess Ring No. 3
Priestess Ring No. 3
$ 55.00

Priestess Ring No. 3

Ring No. 3 brings the brilliant light of both the setting and rising sun together into one ring. Sunsets and sunrises remind us that even when the light of the sun is not at full strength, it is still awe inspiring. A useful meditation for when you are not feeling at full strength. 

About the Priestess Collection:

Strength. Courage. Conviction. The Priestess collection is about being steadfast in your convictions, despite criticism. It’s about having an inner strength that lets you weather the storms of life because you have clarity of vision, and faith in yourself. It’s about loving yourself enough to let go of other people’s opinions, and letting your light shine brightly. The rays of light featured in every piece are a reminder of that inner light. Don’t let anyone dim it.  


Materials and Sizing:

3D printed steel


**1 available in US size 7.5**